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Mongolian ethnic music band

Jonon is a renowned Mongolian ethnic music band, known for their unique fusion of traditional Mongolian music with contemporary, pop elements. Founded in Ulaan-Baatar, Mongolia in 2006, the band has captivated audiences worldwide with their mesmerizing melodies and powerful performances.

Jonon draws inspiration from the rich musical heritage of Mongolia, incorporating traditional instruments such as the morinkhuur (horse- head fiddle), yatga (Mongolian zither), and throat singing technique known as khoomii, yoochin (Hammered dulcimer), limbe (flute) and with modern instruments such as drums, bass guitar, and keyboards.


Since their formation, Jonon has released several albums, DVD, and vinyl “The grace of the Khaans” CD and vinyl version, “Mongolz” feat BigGee, “Vision” dvd, “Gate” feat Man on the moon- chill out album, “Symphony Jonon” with symphony orchestra each showcasing their mastery of blending traditional Mongolian melodies with modern arrangements. Through their music, Jonon aims to evoke a deep sense of pride and appreciation for Mongolia’s cultural heritage, instilling in the younger generations a love for their roots and a desire to preserve their unique musical traditions.

Therefore, Jonon collaborated with young talented Mongolian rappers such as Young Mo’G – “Mongol swag” who has 10M views, NMN- “Tsakhilbaa” 6M views on Youtube.

Over the years, Jonon has performed at numerous music festivals and concerts venues, world forum conference around the world specially Italy, Switzerland, China, South of Korea, Japan, India and Russia enchanting audiences with their enchanting harmonies and energetic stage presence. Their performances are a mesmerizing journey through the vast landscapes of Mongolia, leaving listeners spellbound.

The major performances that Jonon had performed include

In 2023, “Save the planet” project feat Man on the moon with central TV

  • In 2022, "The GATE” chill out full album concert
  • In 2021 “Wind of Sky” folk song’s concert with singer B.Altanjargal
  • In 2018, Jonon presented their masterpieces at the annual speech of "His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama" in India
  • In 2016, Live concert on the 10th anniversary of "Ulemj Tansag" In 2015, "World Economic Forum", in Davos, Switzerland
  • In 2014, "Mongol Mokhoshgui" , at Beijing's Pearl Theater In 2013, "Zon" live concert
  • Since 2012, participated in national music groups' joint performances for six years
  • In 2008, "Dalai Mongolia" concert with guitarist Levi Chen

Recognized for their contribution to Mongolian music, Jonon has received several prestigious awards and accolades, including his music video "Tani ruu nuuj yavna" by Z.Khangal, which won the "best idea" award in Mongolian music video competitions. Their music has also been featured in various films, documentaries, and cultural events, spreading the beauty of Mongolian traditional music to global audiences.

Our Team



Leader and drums managment


Troath singer and Horsehead-fiddle


Horsehead-fiddle and vocals


Flute and troath singer




Yoochin and cimbalom




Bass guitar

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